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I just left my part time job in finance to work fulltime with my own business in yoga, energy and clinical nutrition. In the world of finance, AUM means something entirely different than in the yogic world. It means Assets Under Management, which is defined as the market value of all the funds being managed by a financial institution.

My morning ritual (which is on the verge of sacred to me!) consists of a cup of tea and a short meditation including my sankalpah/affirmation and during that meditation I ask myself the following questions:

Where is my energy invested today? How can I invest it to make it more profitable? Where am I leaking energy? To whom? To what?

And then I pull back my energy… my sacred human energy…  from the investments that don’t pay off.

After a good night’s rest we all are given new divine energy, which we may think of as a new paycheck in our bank account. Assume we are every day given 100 USD in energy currency. How do you invest them? Do you let 20 dollars go to the relationship that didn’t work out and that you’re still not over? Another 20 dollars worrying about the future? 40 dollars to people in your life that consistently drain you of energy and who certainly not deserve your energy dollars?

It doesn’t take a genious to figure out that we are then left with less than we should and that we may not have enough to make profitable investments for ourselves, for sustaining good health and give something back to the world. Who in the world would have energy left for that?!

Being cheap with your energy dollars is not about being selfish… quite the opposite! As we are all part of the whole, when we are drained of energy… we drain the whole and become a burden instead. Withdraw your energy from the energy-vampires in your life, from the things you’re doing that you don’t want to do, from religious or cultural decrees that is not in accordance with your inner truth, from family expectations of who you should be… Lose those investments!

I work with nutrition and supplements, but many times my clients problems are not mineral- or vitamin deficiency, but the fact that people unconsciously make unwise energy investments. My best tip to them is not a vitamin B-complex (even though that can be useful too…), but to hire a cheap energy accountant; a guide or an angel sitting on your shoulder asking you to invest your energy in relationships, thoughts and actions that increases the energetic value of your fund.

Be a smart energy investor and pamper your assets under management! 😉



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