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I love inspirational books! I normally read three or four books parallell and one little book that I really value is”Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma, author of ”The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. It’s a simple, down to earth book with hands on tips on how to improve your own life and touch the lives of others. Indeed, who will cry when we die? Who’s life have we touched? It’s better to really touch one person than to caress a million, as I see it. How often in life do we get the opportunity to really connect with someone? That of course depends on our own attitude. We can only attract what we are willing to give ourselves, right?

But there’s no real use to us who will cry when we die, is it? When we’re gone, we’re gone and all that remains is the result of our deeds and actions. Our thoughts and dreams we take with us, unless we’ve had time to manifest them physically before we leave. That’s why action speaks louder than words and it is crucial to transform the ideas and dreams into physical matter. The wonders of the world, like the pyramids or Taj Mahal, would not touch the hearts of millions unless they were manifested in physical matter. Thankfully the emotions and devotion were carved into the marble and the rocks and remain reminders forever.

What is relevant to us while we are alive is who will die a little every time we cry? Who cares that much for us? When it comes down to it, perhaps there’s just one or two people in our lives that really care that much and those people are beyond precious and we must never forget that. Showing appreciation is one of the things that is so simple, but somehow even simpler to forget to do. It doesn’t take much time nor money to let someone know what they mean to us, but too often we assume that people already know or that it goes without saying. But why not say it if you feel it? Why not show it? Is pride in the way? Or do we subconsciously think that we are becoming vulnerable by expressing love and gratitude? We don’t. It’s the bold and brave people that dare to expose their hearts and express their emotions. That is strength and one of the most attractive features in a human being; ability of expression and exposure.

One of the tips Robin Sharma shares for a better life is to focus on the worthy people in your life, those who really dies a little every time you cry I guess, write thank you notes and create a love account. It might sound cheezy but I really like the idea! Making it a structured habit to show appreciation. One of my teachers said that one has to learn how to love. Just like we are taught how to read, write, crawl and walk we must learn how to love other people in a good way and expressthat love in a way that touches the other person. We also must learn to love what’s good for us, which is not always easy. Instead we tend to love what is bad for us; we know the stuff is poison but we got to have a taste… But that can change as we move from instinctive, primitive love up through the human energy system towards spiritual love. Primitive love is a threesum between you, the other person and your own ego, while a more spiritually oriented love is free of ego and unconditional.

The power of the human mind… and the human heart… is immense and in many ways virgin territory. I believe it will take many, many years before the full potential of the human mind is understood and perhaps centuries before it is not only understood but used to its full potential. The quickest way to understand this is to start acting, expressing and manifesting… from thought, to word, to physical manifestation.


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