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Why does bad things happen to good people?” one of my co-students asked our yoga philosophy teacher. ”Because it’s not good enough to be good – you need to be intelligent as well”, he answered with a smile.

The reasons behind the occurance of pain and misfortune has haunted the minds of men since the dawn of humanity. Why? Why me? Is the question we keep asking. We feverishly try to find reasons, scanning through our intellect for the digit that will make the equation add up and make sense. This is partly to blame for the misconception that there are bad things in the first place and that these either happen randomly (”one never walks safe”, which is a very effective way of keeping people in a submissive state…) or as a divine punishment. As if divinity had nothing better to do than to keep track of the so called ”sins” of man!? Personally, I find it absurd that divinity would keep track of peoples beird-length, number of prayers, diet, ammount of ciggarettes, alcohol, infidelity or anything else… If I were a goddess, I’d definitely outsource those boring tasks to someone else and see to the relevant things myself instead.

A ”bad” thing is often not anything but an unexpected change of circumstance which the mind wasn’t warned of in advance. Change is something a lot of people struggle with… And the question is; what makes an action good or bad? The intention or the outcome? Let’s say that someone is drowning. You through them a float ring but accidently it hits him in the head and he passes out, drowning. Was that a good or bad action? The outcome was unfortunate, but the intention was good, right? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say. Interestingly, we never question when good things happen to us. Rarely we think: What did I do to deserve this? or Why me? when we’re lucky. We just accept it gratefully.

I believe that there are two reasons for the things we label as ”bad” in our lives; one is that we are disconnected from our intuitive wisdom, and are thereby blind to the warning signs along our path.The second reason is the unavoidable bad things which are part of our Script of Life; tough things we must go through to evolve spiritually. I believe that before we reincarnate we write our own Script of Life; we fill it with characters, dialogues, drama that will come together in different symbolical constellations to lead us towards our highest potential… We enter into spiritual contracts with other souls before we decide to be born, deciding the relationships we will have for mutual spiritual benefit. It’s a contract, and a sacred one.

Rejection, acceptance, love, friendship, soulmates… all relationships that touches your core are karmic. All of them! The person you can’t stand is actually doing you a favor and sticking to the terms of your contract, playing out the role you’ve agreed on, so long ago… And when you start viewing people and relationships through your glasses of symbolic sight, the higher purpose of the events you used to label as ”bad” becomes very clear. The people we regard as good has often gone through a tremendous amount of bad things to become who they are. We don’t grow from a life free of obstacles, where we spend our time eating sweets and watching butterflies in the garden. We grow through the tears, the break-ups, the periods when we’re broke or unemployed, the people who pushes and provokes us…

The Script of Life is a Divina Commedia, that keeps the audience on its toes, waiting eagerly for the next person to enter the scene, the next drama to unfold so that the charachter goes from thief to hero or maid to queen… What is evident in all great books and what makes us remember the character long after we have finished it, is not the story itself but how deep under your skin the characters went and how they transformed during the story. often going from weak moral character to someone esteemed and admirable. From coward to king or maid to queen and that is the journey for all of us… Therefore, next time someone hurts you or something misfortunate happens to you; dust off your symbolic sight glasses and view it from a different perspective. Which fairy tale is being told? Cinderella? Snow White? Hansel and Gretel? Alice in Wonderland?, Aladdin? If you weren’t emotionally involved, what would your symbolic interpretation of the events taking place be?


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