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How often don’t we wish that the people we care for would see things as we  see them?

When I was a kid, I used to lie on the rocks by the ocean, outside our country house in the Swedish archipelago. The summer seemed endless, a whole life in itself, before school would start again in the fall. I remember lying there, gazing up at the blue, watching the clouds make their journey over the sky. Sometimes they passed quickly, as if they were in a hurry somewhere, and other times they lazily drifted by.

I had a vivid imagination and always saw different creatures in the clouds; a dragon, the head of a dog, a gazelle, a rabbit… and sometimes they transformed and suddenly the rabbit would look like the head of an old man, or the dog would turn into a witch with a pointy hat. The sky seemed to host an endless parade of creatures born of my imagination… But I grew up and during the majority of my adult life, the parade stopped and clouds became merely forecasts of rain or unwanted sun-blockers and their maigic vanished. For many years, I have not taken the time to lie down, watch the sky and let imagination arise… which is a small tragedy in itself and about to change, I have promised myself!

Who will have the richer life? The one seeing the unicorn in the sky or the one predicting the rain? People frequently encourage each other to “see things for what they are” and it always surprises me. See things for what they are? How on earth do you mean?! Do you see what I see? Do I see what you see? We may look at the same cloud, but I see a unicorn and you see a dragon… what is it then? There is nothing ugly and nothing beautiful in this world… it’s all about what you see in what you are looking upon. It’s all in your mind. If you see problems and obstacles then that is the conditions of your world, but it may not be the conditions of my world. There is not one truth, carved in stone. There is not even two sides to one coin, but almost 7 billion sides to one coin.

So many times, I wish I could make my loved ones see what I see, so that they wouldn’t have to worry, that we didn’t have different levels of understanding and that we could see the same unicorn in the sky. So many times I wish I could see what my dear friend sees, or that he may see what I see, so there would be less misunderstandings. That would be convenient for me of course, and they would be equally happy if I could see what they see, instead of being blind to that. There’s often a thin line between the artist and the lunatic. Psychic people used to (probably still are!) be locked up in mental hospitals not too long ago, for seeing what other people couldn’t. That’s how cruel and mean we are when it comes to other people’s visualization capacity and creativity. What we can’t see or understand we often condemn or ridicule as a defense mechanism…

Never mind if people can’t see what you see. We are not unique because of our features, skin color, profession or nationality, but of what we are able to dream and imagine. Our creativity is what paints the color of our life and as someone wise said: “We can never go any higher than we think”. So aim high and dream bold, I say! My dad often says: “Aim for the stars and you might at least reach the top of the tree line!”. But our different perspectives is what make us unique.

Fill your sky with dragons and unicorns and let others fill them with whatever they can imagine…


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