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Why does bad things happen to good people?” one of my co-students asked our yoga philosophy teacher. ”Because it’s not good enough to be good – you need to be intelligent as well”, he answered with a smile.

The reasons behind the occurance of pain and misfortune has haunted the minds of men since the dawn of humanity. Why? Why me? Is the question we keep asking. We feverishly try to find reasons, scanning through our intellect for the digit that will make the equation add up and make sense. This is partly to blame for the misconception that there are bad things in the first place and that these either happen randomly (”one never walks safe”, which is a very effective way of keeping people in a submissive state…) or as a divine punishment. As if divinity had nothing better to do than to keep track of the so called ”sins” of man!? Personally, I find it absurd that divinity would keep track of peoples beird-length, number of prayers, diet, ammount of ciggarettes, alcohol, infidelity or anything else… If I were a goddess, I’d definitely outsource those boring tasks to someone else and see to the relevant things myself instead.

A ”bad” thing is often not anything but an unexpected change of circumstance which the mind wasn’t warned of in advance. Change is something a lot of people struggle with… And the question is; what makes an action good or bad? The intention or the outcome? Let’s say that someone is drowning. You through them a float ring but accidently it hits him in the head and he passes out, drowning. Was that a good or bad action? The outcome was unfortunate, but the intention was good, right? The road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say. Interestingly, we never question when good things happen to us. Rarely we think: What did I do to deserve this? or Why me? when we’re lucky. We just accept it gratefully.

I believe that there are two reasons for the things we label as ”bad” in our lives; one is that we are disconnected from our intuitive wisdom, and are thereby blind to the warning signs along our path.The second reason is the unavoidable bad things which are part of our Script of Life; tough things we must go through to evolve spiritually. I believe that before we reincarnate we write our own Script of Life; we fill it with characters, dialogues, drama that will come together in different symbolical constellations to lead us towards our highest potential… We enter into spiritual contracts with other souls before we decide to be born, deciding the relationships we will have for mutual spiritual benefit. It’s a contract, and a sacred one.

Rejection, acceptance, love, friendship, soulmates… all relationships that touches your core are karmic. All of them! The person you can’t stand is actually doing you a favor and sticking to the terms of your contract, playing out the role you’ve agreed on, so long ago… And when you start viewing people and relationships through your glasses of symbolic sight, the higher purpose of the events you used to label as ”bad” becomes very clear. The people we regard as good has often gone through a tremendous amount of bad things to become who they are. We don’t grow from a life free of obstacles, where we spend our time eating sweets and watching butterflies in the garden. We grow through the tears, the break-ups, the periods when we’re broke or unemployed, the people who pushes and provokes us…

The Script of Life is a Divina Commedia, that keeps the audience on its toes, waiting eagerly for the next person to enter the scene, the next drama to unfold so that the charachter goes from thief to hero or maid to queen… What is evident in all great books and what makes us remember the character long after we have finished it, is not the story itself but how deep under your skin the characters went and how they transformed during the story. often going from weak moral character to someone esteemed and admirable. From coward to king or maid to queen and that is the journey for all of us… Therefore, next time someone hurts you or something misfortunate happens to you; dust off your symbolic sight glasses and view it from a different perspective. Which fairy tale is being told? Cinderella? Snow White? Hansel and Gretel? Alice in Wonderland?, Aladdin? If you weren’t emotionally involved, what would your symbolic interpretation of the events taking place be?


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What lies beyond the horizon? Beyond your horizon? Where do you visualize yourself in a month, a year or a decade? Any answer is fine, except for “I don’t know!”, because if we don’t know where we’re going – we’re gonna end up somewhere else! The picture to the left is hanging on my living room wall, as a reminder of what lies at my horizon and what my sankalpah is. Sankalkpah is a sanskrit word for decision, resolution or affirmation. A clearly formulated, positive decision, expressed with conviction, which holds the power of transforming your life if you use it frequently during yog nidra (deep relaxation). I know, I am repeating myself, but I can’t emphasize enough the importance of intention. Intentions rule the universe and act with syncronicity!

The first time I looked at this picture, bought from a collection of Ener-Chi Art by Andreas Moritz (www.ener-chi.com), it triggered something in me. I was standing at three or four meters distance, viewing the picture and my heart started beating faster and I felt the energy stir throughout my body. It awakened something and I didn’t ask why, I just accepted that this painting had an energetic message to deliver to me, to remind me to at all times remember what I want to find at my horizon. I’ve carried the same sankalpah into yog nidra for a long time and now I’ve begun to repeat it to myself during Sirshasana as well and I can see that it is starting to manifest physically in an almost magical way.

One of the most tragic things when you ask someone what they would like their life to be like, what they would work with etc. is when you receive the answer: “I don’t know.” If you can’t for yourself express and visualize where you want to be or how you want to live, there’s not a snowflake’s chance in hell that the universe can pick up your order and deliver it, right? The first step to getting the life you want is to visualizing it and the second is expressing it, because as I wrote in my last blog post: “We can’t reach any higher than we think”.

But the problem isn’t always so bad as that we don’t know… deep inside our hearts we almost always know what we desire, but it might be inappropriate or considered selfish or (I HATE this word!) “unrealistic” and so we bury it and like Cinderella tell ourselves: “Oh, well. What’s a royal ball…” and a part of our spirit dies with our dreams and as body and mind is one it naturally affects your biology as well.  Think about the energy flow you feel when you think about something you really want! It is similar to an adrenaline rush, right? Your heart is beating faster, you feel something stir in your heart center and it is easier to act on it than to restrain from doing it.

Now think of what happens when you unleash that energy just to repress it again…? It is like forcing the genie back into Aladdin’s lamp, which was never popular! I love stories and the Disney-version of Aladdin is my favorite one actually, not only because the orient has always allured me, but because the Disney stories (as most fairy tales around the world) are disguised spiritual teachings. The genie in the lamp is the divine energy, waiting to fulfill your wishes and be set free for the purpose of good, but you must dare to direct it and when it comes to your own life – master it.

In the story of Aladdin, there’s a constant battle of wills between the genie and the poor Aladdin, a battle which Aladdin eventually wins by treating the genie with honor and respect. What we may learn from that is that the energy is here to fulfill our wishes so that we may grow morally and spiritually, but it is not to be abused or treated disrespectfully as it can only resonate with thoughts and visions which benefit the higher purpose for all beings.

If today you don’t know where you want to be in a year or ten years… take the time to find out! Sit down and meditate, go for a peaceful walk and censure the criticism you may receive from others. Wouldn’t it be great if you by evening time have installed the GPS of your life and are ready to start driving tomorrow? It is not important where you are – it is important where you’re going! Most people going somewhere are not walking around with their eyes on their feet, but their eyes are on the destination or they would fall over or never get there.  Definitely, we should live in the present – if the present is where you want to be and where you can grow the most. But if you don’t like the present your in… change it!

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I love inspirational books! I normally read three or four books parallell and one little book that I really value is”Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma, author of ”The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. It’s a simple, down to earth book with hands on tips on how to improve your own life and touch the lives of others. Indeed, who will cry when we die? Who’s life have we touched? It’s better to really touch one person than to caress a million, as I see it. How often in life do we get the opportunity to really connect with someone? That of course depends on our own attitude. We can only attract what we are willing to give ourselves, right?

But there’s no real use to us who will cry when we die, is it? When we’re gone, we’re gone and all that remains is the result of our deeds and actions. Our thoughts and dreams we take with us, unless we’ve had time to manifest them physically before we leave. That’s why action speaks louder than words and it is crucial to transform the ideas and dreams into physical matter. The wonders of the world, like the pyramids or Taj Mahal, would not touch the hearts of millions unless they were manifested in physical matter. Thankfully the emotions and devotion were carved into the marble and the rocks and remain reminders forever.

What is relevant to us while we are alive is who will die a little every time we cry? Who cares that much for us? When it comes down to it, perhaps there’s just one or two people in our lives that really care that much and those people are beyond precious and we must never forget that. Showing appreciation is one of the things that is so simple, but somehow even simpler to forget to do. It doesn’t take much time nor money to let someone know what they mean to us, but too often we assume that people already know or that it goes without saying. But why not say it if you feel it? Why not show it? Is pride in the way? Or do we subconsciously think that we are becoming vulnerable by expressing love and gratitude? We don’t. It’s the bold and brave people that dare to expose their hearts and express their emotions. That is strength and one of the most attractive features in a human being; ability of expression and exposure.

One of the tips Robin Sharma shares for a better life is to focus on the worthy people in your life, those who really dies a little every time you cry I guess, write thank you notes and create a love account. It might sound cheezy but I really like the idea! Making it a structured habit to show appreciation. One of my teachers said that one has to learn how to love. Just like we are taught how to read, write, crawl and walk we must learn how to love other people in a good way and expressthat love in a way that touches the other person. We also must learn to love what’s good for us, which is not always easy. Instead we tend to love what is bad for us; we know the stuff is poison but we got to have a taste… But that can change as we move from instinctive, primitive love up through the human energy system towards spiritual love. Primitive love is a threesum between you, the other person and your own ego, while a more spiritually oriented love is free of ego and unconditional.

The power of the human mind… and the human heart… is immense and in many ways virgin territory. I believe it will take many, many years before the full potential of the human mind is understood and perhaps centuries before it is not only understood but used to its full potential. The quickest way to understand this is to start acting, expressing and manifesting… from thought, to word, to physical manifestation.

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Through my window I can hear the soothing sound of the constant flow of the river Ganga… or ”mother Ganga”, as they say here. The unfamiliar things, customs and people passing my eyes are merely reflections of my mind’s eye. A whirling river of colors, fragrances, people that dwell inside of me as well as in the external world. Everything is everywhere and I am everything. Something that has risen to the surface during my journey so far is the power of choice, expression and of surrendering, and how spiritually crucial it is that we acknowledge these things. All of these are connected to the fifth chakra, biologically connected to the throat and the thyroid.

To me, people could take away everything from me but the last thing I would give up nowadays would be my freedom of choice. In fact, I’m constantly amazed over how lightly some people take on this and how few actually take advantage of it. You always have a choice. Even the choice of not making a choice is in itself a choice! We must guard this and use it at all times, to grow spiritually. So many people give away (no wonder there are so many people suffering from under-functioning thyroid) their power of choice to someone else; to society, religion, cultural customs, spouse, family, co-worker… the list could go on and on! As someone wise said; life isn’t about finding oneself but about creating oneself and to define who you are you need to make choices. All the time. Choices are like the hands of a skilled potter, shaping the moist clay between his hands into something beautiful and useful.

Our choices define us, every day and as we evolve, we (hopefully!) move up through the chakras and our choices will have less and less to do with plain survival and more and more with spiritual development. But we can also excercise the ability to make higher choices. The first three chakras, situated at the navel and below, is concerned with our physical ability to survive and reproduce in a hard world. Choices made from these chakras will not be spritual or intellectual.

The fourth chakra is the gate keeper through which choices benefiting the higher centres will be made once the are approved by the heart. We need to ask ourselves whether the choice we are about to make belongs to the lower or the higher chakras? Am I making this choice because of fear of not surviving? Of not reproducing? Of not making money? Of not being accepted by my tribe? Or does my choice qualify for spiritual development? None is better than the other, so don’t judge yourself – simply develop an awareness! If you are homeless, you will naturally make a choice of getting food and roof above your head than some spiritually developing choice.

Then there’s the importance of expressing our choices and our will to the world. If we don’t, the prana/energy in the 5th chakra area becomes thick and sluggish with unexpressed feelings and opinions. We are born to communicate, born to express ourselves. Children (and old people who have lost their wits) constantly express themselves, until they are taught that it is bad mannered and they are forced into normalization (and out goes their natural psychic abilities).

Another spiritual quality connected to the 5th chakra is (and this is a bit contradictive indeed) is the ability to surrender to divine guidance, to divine will. This is extremely difficult for most of us, because it often creates a conflict with our ego, who likes to be in charge. For me this is probably the most challenging in my spiritual practice. The ability to let go, surrender and trust that all is well. I simply cannot trust that things will work out to my benefit, unless I am actively getting involved in it. Getting involved is of course good; if you’re uninvolved in your own life, you’re in serious trouble! But you have to be able to let go sometimes, have a little faith and trust that there is a higher purpose, an intelligent force whose intentions are good and that there’s always a bigger picture –  a master plan of which you only see a small, small part of.


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Good morning!

This blog post is in a way a continuation of The Power of Intention post. Just like intention has tremendous power, so has conviction and belief.

Like I wrote previously, we are all connected through a giant, living, ever changing electromagnetic field of human consciousness. That means that thoughts are living, changing vibrations affecting everything, everywhere and all the time. Vitamin supplements are frequently accused of working through the placebo effect, even though a lot more research has been done vitamin C than any medical drug out there…but let’s not go into that now!

What amazes me is not whether supplements, nutrition or medical drugs are working because of the placebo effect, but the fact that there is evidently a placebo effect! Why on earth isn’t that used instead of trashed?! The placebo effect means that if you believe that a supplement or medicine will work, it works. Somehow, the belief that something is helping you heal, triggers the body’s self-healing ability. Without side effects! It is said that one third of all healing is due to the placebo effect, but personally I believe it to be more than that…

An increasing problem in the world today is abuse/over use of medical substances, sometimes (as with some celebrities…) mixed into deadly combinations, polluting the body, causing acidosis and troubling the liver. People start medicating at a younger age nowadays than ever before and are not only taking medication for their condition, but additional medicine to combat the side effects of the medicine. Crazy, right? Why is this? I believe it’s because the majority of the western population is living an unnatural, unhealthy life; avoiding the sun, eating junk food, not getting enough exercise and in a constant stress mode due to caffeine addiction, sugar and insufficient sleep… and let’s add some artificial food chemicals, polluted environment and strained relationships to that and it’s no less than a miracle that anyone is willing to reincarnate back to the rat wheel!

But, back to the subject of belief! 🙂 The good news is that if we start using the placebo effect instead of criticizing it, the future looks pretty bright. The western health care system will collapse before not too long, because its focus is not on preventing disease but on repairing the damage that already has been done, which doesn’t take a genius to understand how super expensive that is. Surgery and organ donation is extremely costly and very risky. As wonderful it is that some people can survive thanks to a donated organ from someone else, it is far from a sustainable solution. People will soon be forced to start taking responsibility for their own health, because there simply will not be an option in the future other than for people who are willing to spend their entire salary on outrageously expensive medical insurances. What better way than to use your own mind as the tool for healing? No side effects except for positive ones, 100% free of charge and no pollution!

When we talk about today’s placebo effect, the patient is unaware of him/her receiving a placebo supplement and therefore not  consciously directing their belief towards healing, but towards trust in the medicine. But it is time that we become aware of this very natural ability to heal, because as we have discovered, the power of intention is amazing. There are enormous financial interests in selling medicine (surprise!) which is why alternative medicine, healing, reiki etc. is so often ridiculed and dismissed; if you can heal yourself then there are some people out there who will stop making money on your diseases which I guarantee will not be popular. The funny thing is that when modern medicine doesn’t work and fails at saving a patient’s life it is never ridiculed but conveniently blamed on “an inherited predisposition or that “it was too late but they did the best they could” … In Sweden there have been women removing perfectly healthy breasts because their mother or grandmother had breast cancer and they’ve been so scared by the “hostile DNA” theory that they prefer chopping them off in advance! This is madness on the verge of stupidity (in my eyes) and an unfortunate consequence of diseases being blamed on inheritance rather than lifestyle and emotional trauma…

Therefore, we should also take into consideration the nocebo effect, which means that if we believe that we are getting something poisonous we are reacting as if it actually is poison. If we believe that we have a predisposition for a certain disease and we keep repeating that though in our mind, chances are bog we will think ourselves sick. If you don’t believe in the treatment you’re getting – it simply won’t work no matter how sophisticated it is or how much prestigious research is behind it. The nocebo effect is as well documented as the placebo effect and means that just as we can think ourselves into healing… we can think ourselves into disease. This suggests that it may be completely irrelevant which type of treatment you chose – what matters is your own conviction of its efficiency. So whether you chose modern medicine, alternative medicine, healing or nothing at all… your belief is most probably what will decide the outcome of the treatment. Hence, the power is in your own hands, or rather your own mind and it’s about time that we start using it!

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This is a beautiful morning. Rays of sun are caressing my face as I enjoy my cup of morning tea, the birds are singing cheerfully and the air is crisp and clear. It’s the kind of morning that makes it impossible to comprehend that the world is a cruel place for some people less fortunate.

Last night I watched an amazing documentary on prostitution in Iran (you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHmK2Xyveio) for the 2nd time and I couldn’t help but feel amazed by these women’s endurance. Personally, I feel that I would have just laid down and died if I would’ve had to go through even half of what they’ve been through. But I wouldn’t, of course, because movies like that remind me of just how strong the instinct of survival is and why I don’t believe in autoimmune diseases nor cancer randomly spreading like wild fire. I just don’t buy it! We are genetically programmed to survive at almost any cost. When flight 571 crashed in the Andes in 1972 and after weeks of starvation the survivors started eating from their dead friends, the world was appalled. Compassionate but appalled. Everyone who read about it probably threw up their hands and exclaimed:   “I could never do that, I would rather die than…”. No. Youwould! You would do anything you had to do to survive – we all would, because human nature is all about survival.

Think about people getting one arm stuck somewhere, when out climbing or trekking and after a couple of days when it dawns on them that they won’t survive unless they get out of there, they use whatever tool they have to chop off the arm and free themselves. Can you imagine that? Cutting off your arm with a little swiss army knife without anything to numb the pain? The very thought gives me goosebumps! Imagine the power of instinct that makes you do something like that!? How mighty it must be… Yet there’s a massive hysteria when it comes to germs and viruses, ever since the days of Mr. Pasteur. People are so scared of viruses that they permit themselves to be injected with heavy metals and formaldehyde, so called “vaccines” which is nothing but madness and the side effects of vaccines are killing and injuring a lot more people than the few ones possibly (yes, I’m very skeptical) saved by it.

I had a discussion with my dad the other day, regarding whether or not doctors should give patients and estimation of the time they have left. My dad thinks so, he says that it makes it easier for the patient to plan the rest of their life and make sure they make the most of it… That’s a fair point of view perhaps, but I totally disagree. For some mysterious reason, a white cloak almost has a religious nature to it and many people tend to become submissive in the presence of a doctor, as if they somehow have the power over life and death. They haven’t. If they did, then they would live longer and healthier, but instead physicians and dentist are topping the suicide statistics so clearly something doesn’t quite add up.

But what more is that when you tell someone, someone perhaps not knowledgable about health or with an almost religious respect for doctors, that they just have 6 months left – you’re very likely to jinx them and make it a self-fullfilling prophecy. Every cell in your body has ears. Every cell in your body hears “6 months left” and that is absolutely disastrous for healing. Because there are two truths to be consider. 1) There is no chronic diseases. Chronic doesn’t mean incurable, it just means that modern medicine doesn’t yet know how to cure it. 2) No one can predict the survival instinct in you. No one but you knows your level of endurance, or the intensity of your will to live, the changes and sacrifices you are willing to make…

We are born to survive and born to endure so carry that knowledge with you. Carry the prostitutes in Iran… the poor teenagers smuggling  petrol from Iran to Afghanistan on winding mountain roads, risking getting caught or set on fire… the climber cutting off his own arm… Carry all of them in your mind as a reminder of the mind-blowing human ability of survival during the most horrible of circumstances and may it strengthen and humble you as it does to me.

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This morning I was sitting on my balcony with my morning tea, listening to the summer rain falling outside and drawing what I like to call a new life flower. I do that every now and then and it really is very helpful and very easy; you simply draw a big, lotus shaped flower on a blank piece of paper and let each petal represent a different area of your life. One petal for family, one for love, one for career, one for spirituality, one for friends etc…. Then you pretend that the pen you’re writing with is a magic one and whatever you write will come true.

I firmly believe that the first step towards getting the life that you want is expressingthe life that you want – most importantly to yourself but also to others. Deep inside, we all know what we want, even though we say we don’t. We do know, but we are for some reason terrified of expressing it. There’s a collective misunderstanding that expression of desires is somehow rude, inappropriate, bad mannered and somehow cheeky. But if there’s something I’ve learnt the past years, in regards to both relationships and career, it’s that if you express what you want and need – you are much more likely to get it! Which indeed also makes perfect sense.

It has been considered especially inappropriate for us women to express our desires, whether in work, relationships or life in general. Up until the 70′s we were supposed (and unfortunately this is still the case in many countries…) to be seen but not heard, so the resistance of expressing ourselves are almost encoded in our DNA and we need to change that – right now! Imagine going to the grocery shop and standing there, hoping that the shopkeeper will somehow intuitively figure out what you want to buy? How long would you have to be standing there waiting? Probably an eternity and people would consider you half daft for taking that approach.

The universe and the law of attraction works the same way; what you bring your attention to will come around and when you express that, it will come around even quicker! One should never talk about one’s spiritual practice but one shouldalways express what one desires. You don’t have to believe in karma, gods, the law of attraction or anything like that, because it is a proven fact that when a thought/wish is repeated over and over again the brain subconsciously understands that it is a matter of importance and influences you to make the decisions which will eventually get you that. And when you express what you want to other people, doors start to open and you’re helped by their minds and their networks too!

If I could give you one tip this rainy Sunday it would be to draw a life flower and start expressing yourself. Asking for something is not rude if you do it in a sophisticated way. I believe all relationships, whether personal or professional, benefit from expression of desires. For example, as I write this, my male cat jumps up at my desk, shoves his head into my chest in a clearly affectionate manner and begins to purr so loud that it’s ridiculous. He’s expressing himself in an obvious and not so subtle manner, making me understand that what he wants and needs now is attention and for me to stroke him. My female cat on the other hand is much prouder and more discreet. She looks at me and tries telepathy  for me to understand what she wants. Doesn’t work half as well… guess which one of them ends up with most cuddle time, unfair as it may be?

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